Faraway Days

Nov 14


So one real, proper post in nearly two months is pretty appalling. But now that I’m settled and stable I feel I’m in a real position to take time and actually write about things and post photos on this. Before was just days of moving and drinking and meeting people and I was completely caught up in it so sadly my laptop was lost to me, but we are back and I have found the time so I plan to backtrack over the last seven weeks of my life here through pictures and the occasional word. Starting with pictures.

Sep 26


This blog will mainly be photos of my travels with a few scattered words. I’ve been in Thailand since Saturday with Helen, a girl I had arranged to meet at the airport and until Monday it was just us. We spent our time trying to cram in all the sights of Bangkok’s city centre but since more people started arriving the tourism has taken a back seat while we’ve all been getting to know each other over drinks.
It almost feels like freshers again except its hot and scary and beautiful here where we don’t speak the native language or know where to go. So simple tasks like taking a taxi are a challenge and we stand out so obviously as foreign that we’re vulnerable to being conned by the locals without even realising it’s happened. They seem to stare when you walk by but have all been friendly, we had¬†Bangkok¬†University students ask to interview us for their course in English and had strangers ask for a photo. Its odd and awkward but they are just so welcoming that you don’t really mind. Its just nice that they even approach us.
Our hostel is in the financial district away from the main tourist area and is clean and happy, a good place for sleeping and hanging out because the drink is cheap and the beds are comfy enough. It means we get to see ‘the real Bangkok’ and not just what it has to offer for holidaymakers. We all seemed nervous to get here but I think having so many people around in the same position meant it didn’t last long.

We head to Krabi tomorrow to start training, 8 hours on a bus over night to wake up in paradise ready to learn.